About Us

Khaugalli App is the first online marketplace that lets you order food from local street food sellers & home chefs, instead of restaurants.

We always have a desire to help people, be it after-office hours, weekends or during lockdown. Cooking and experimenting new recipes has always been a passion. This had been passed on from our grandmothers to our moms and now to us. Since childhood, we have seen our mom & aunts cooking delicious food items and selling them around in the neighbourhood, purely through word of mouth.

During this lockdown, we saw people around us in shock after their job loss / salary cuts wondering how would they feed the next meal to their family. We saw street vendors, who were dependent on their daily income, unable to put up their stalls & earn a living. Some stuck at home without the ability to sell the food as no online ordering platform was available for them. We quickly made this decision to go #VocalForLocal and promote these street food sellers & home chefs to start receiving orders online. We wanted to facilitate everyone to sell their specialty in their neighbourhood in this lockdown period and help them support the family by earning some additional income.

We, being a self funded company, charge very low fees from food sellers, just to cover the basic tech & marketing cost. Alsos we do not charge any delivery fees from our customers.

Our objective is to create visibility & recognition for every talented chef, be it a street-food seller or a home chef and create an additional source income for their family. We aim to provide every foodie the comfort of ordering street food at their door-steps. Would you like to contribute your free hours to support us in this good cause? Just a mail away -

Now, get famous in your area by selling online through KhauGalli App