Are you passionate about baking?

Tired of constantly struggling to get admission in Medical, Janice finally decided to explore her baking ideas from her kitchen instead of studies. She always use to surprise her friend's with beautiful cakes on their birthdays. Her family didn't support her initially, so she thought of baking cakes of her own and little investment in hand.

Her friends introduced her to Khau Galli App where she was able to sell her own hand-made decorated cakes across Mumbai and earn money. Today her friends and herself have their small cakery group for which their parents are really proud of!

Are you finding a way to sell your cake & pasteries ?

Now, double your orders by selling through KhauGalli App.

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Chef of the Quarter

Mrs Aparna

Goregaon, Mumbai

Aaditi Loke

Goregaon, Mumbai

Jophy John

Thane, Mumbai

Volunteer of the Quarter


Pune, Maharashtra

Ashwini Ambre

Goregaon, Mumbai

Prathamesh Kirtane

Dombivli, Mumbai