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"Lakhanpal Sweets", very famous sweets shop in New Delhi faced bankruptcy after 3 years of successful business plan. They were always famous for their garma garam gulab jamun which were sold from Delhi to Mathura. After demise of Mr. Lakhanpal, they went in losses. One thing that Mr. Lakhanpal thought his 3 sons was to prepare delicious sweets - especially Gulab Jamun. Rahul, the younger one suggested his brothers about KhauGalli App which helps and support small scale food vendors to regain their food business and operate all over India. Today, 3 brothers sell their father's speciality through KhauGalli App very proudly across North India.

Now, get famous in your area by selling online through KhauGalli App

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Chef of the Quarter

Mrs Aparna

Goregaon, Mumbai

Aaditi Loke

Goregaon, Mumbai

Jophy John

Thane, Mumbai

Volunteer of the Quarter


Pune, Maharashtra

Ashwini Ambre

Goregaon, Mumbai

Prathamesh Kirtane

Dombivli, Mumbai