People around you love pani puris. What is your special dish?

Raja was a low waged labor in a factory who was hardly able to make both ends meet. His factory shut down during pandemic and he was completely jobless after working 18 hours a day. He was very religious that one day he would find work but till then he didn't want to sit at home, so he started helping construction site workers for few days. His wife was a good cook, she suggested him what if they both setup start selling Pani Puri which was her speciality. Today, they both are selling Pani Puri and other Chaat items through KhauGalli App and delivering everyone at doorstep in proper packaging. Raja now doesn't need a job as he is earning more than expected through KhauGalli App.

What is your special dish ? Why don't you financially support your family by selling your Speciality?

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Goregaon, Mumbai

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